Practice/Alex Hubbard Split
by Practice/Alex Hubbard
7 inch and .mp3
Edition of 300
The union of Practice and Alex Hubbard on a seven inch vinyl slab is a curious one indeed. For what sense is there in pairing an on-again, off-again art school complaint, whose sonic existence is often an improvised metallic noise-rock oblivious to subtlety, with the broadcast recording of a radio advertisement that fictitiously hawks the savory charms of Poseidon’s finer fauna? Might one be the senseless tail to the sensible head, one chasing the other with each flip of the side? Or is it just some novel genre clash, music gathered together like one might scan the radio dial? When the terrain of independent music is so irrigated with the grazing pastures of niche identities (might post-hardcore metal bros or Other Music customers be the butt of some joke here?), is there something to this union of the spoken word comedy section with Steve Albini mouth-breathers? Regardless, it is without sense that I declare to you, reader, that you’ll hear nothing that sounds like what you are about to hear. Forget these words, the evidence is in your hands. “Do you know the seafood diet? When I see food, I eat it.”

1. No Beast
2. The Captain
3. Dammriss
4. Ain Soph Aur Drinks

Alex Hubbard
1. Late Night Liz