Practice, Alex Hubbard, Tonya Harding and James Campbell at Lit, 2012
100% at the New York Art Book Fair, 2011
Kayla Guthrie at AVA, 2011
100% Summer, 2011
Nicolás Guagnini’s Complete Poetry at Renwick Gallery, 2011
100% starts blogging and tweeting (follow us for latest 100% news), 2011
100% at The Last Zine Sezession, 2010
Special thanks to Marlene for working the fair
100% at the New York Art Book Fair, 2010
100% at Unter dem Motto, 2010
Book signing and reading at Printed Matter for Lindsay Beebe's
The Nightmare Doesn't Care and Nathan Whipple's self titled book
of drawings followed by BBQ and live music, 2010
Bill Hayden Coconuts at Real Fine Arts, 2009–10
Book signing for Brendan Fowler's Cancelled in Miami, 2009
Asher Penn Asher Mixtape Hell 2 at Young Art, 2009
Book signing for Tyler Dobson's Spring Break Down at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, 2009